What is CBD?

Dr. Michelle Bean – Gives a simple breakdown n CBD oil, its benefits and miraculous effects that help the human body. …

Cannabidiol or CBD for short, is one the huge amount (100 plus) phyto-cannabinoids that are found naturally in the resin glands of the hemp (cannabis sativa) plant.

Although Hemp is a form of Cannabis plant it is not to be confused with Marijuana which of course is famous for causing a psychoactive high feeling. Marijuana causes the high feeling because it has high levels of THC. Hemp on the other has extremely low levels (almost none) of THC.

CBD is generally found at very high levels in the industrial Hemp Plant along with other cannabinoids and compounds. Cannabinoids are chemical compounds that have a binding affinity with certain receptors within the human body. These receptors are called endo-cannabinoids – endo representing endogenous, this means that bodies with an endo cannabinoid system (ECS) have a system which interacts with other external cannabinoids just like ones found in the Hemp plant.

The ECS or Endo-cannabinoid System is an internal cellular system with similarities to the central nervous system. It maintains homeostasis (stability/balance) in the body. ECS plays an important role in our fuctioning as human beings, it helps the regulation of sleep. digestion, skin, hair and pain. It is also involved in cell functionality.

Consuming supplements that are rich in cannabinoids can help supplement and support the Endo-cannabinoid system.