Loveburgh CBD Paste Raw 10% – Review

CBD Paste – often overlooked in favour of traditional oils is a fast-acting and straightforward way of experiencing the benefits of CBD. Read on to find out why Loveburgh CBD Paste Raw 10% could be the ideal product for you.

CBD concentrates like CBD oil paste is a potent and pure form of CBD. In reality, they can and can have up to ten times the amount of CBD oil in them as other products.

While the price you pay to buy CBD pastes is higher than some other products, they offer the most value in the long run.

Loveburgh CBD Paste

Next Day CBD - Loveburgh CBD Paste

We purchased Loveburgh’s offering from Next Day CBD – CBD Paste and here is what we found.

Loveburgh CBD Paste Raw 10% is a medium to high CBD content paste. It is priced well at £49.95. At the time we purchased it you could get 15% off at Next Day CBD – We used the code SPRING15.

This full spectrum CBD paste is made using active terpenes and a full cannabinoid profile. Great start! This natural hemp-based product is manufactured using CO2 extracted hemp with no harsh extraction processes.

Loveburgh’s CBD paste is vegan and gluten free meaning everyone can include this in their health regime.

Each 10ml tube is passionately made with 1000mg of Hemp CBD extract.

It certainly is a top quality product and solidifies Loveburgh as a CBD brand to watch in 2019. Each product is boxed and includes an advice leaflet with nutritional information.

Let us know how you get on.


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