Is CBD legal?

Is CBD Legal?

The short answer is yes!

Because CBD does not contains little or no THC which is the compound that gives high feeling when Marijuana is used it is perfectly legal.  Products containing CBD can be purchased without the need for a prescription so long as it is sold as a food supplement and not as a medicine. It therefore comes under the EU law below:

Industrial Cannabis Laws: Hemp Laws

The European Union permits the cultivation and sale of cannabis plants for hemp products based on the THC content being less than 0.20%. EU Regulation 1307/2013 maintains that hemp farmers are restricted to using seeds that yield crops with a very low, if any THC content. To be given financial grants as part of EU Farming Standards, industrial hemp is required to undergo testing to determine the possible psychoactive properties of the plant, i.e. a higher level of THC than is deemed acceptable by EU standards.

Imported varieties also fall under the EU Regulation 1308/2013 to ensure that all imported hemp is not above the 0.20% THC threshold. EU Regulation is arbitrary in all member states, but this is only the case with growing cannabis for hemp products, not for sale as a recreational drug. In some instances, countries in the EU have had to change the law permitting the sale and production of hemp to comply with EU Regulations.